Karin Conway becomes President of PRO Alliances

Karin Conway becomes President of PRO Alliances

December 1, 2009

Karin Conway recently acquired rights to PRO Alliances, formerly owned by Jeanine L Dent. Dent formed PRO Alliances earlier this year, with members of the former TNC (The Networking Community) organization. The re-branding was the first step to showcase the organization’s change in focus from just networking to being a true business resource.

Conway will continue this movement with increased training and development opportunities for members and the business community.  The goal is to partner with members and offer whatever resources they require to be able to run their businesses the most efficient way possible. Training topics will include business-related and personal development skills such as sales, marketing, social media, time management, accounting, etc.

PRO Alliances currently has locations throughout the greater Milwaukee area and Madison.

Conway will operate the business under the name “PRO Alliance Resources, LLC”

The company website will remain the same; https://proalliances.com/

Below is the stated mission, values, and vision which will remain the same.


Assist members in growing their business through offering innovative resources including quality networking events, professional development opportunities and networking groups and forums to build profitable relationships.


Growth through innovative resources

Measurable results through relationship building

Accountability through partnerships

Integrity through loyalty

Success through applied knowledge

PRO Alliances is the organization for entrepreneurs and professionals, who are serious about building their business, to explore issues and find solutions through:

face to face networking in traditional and innovative master mind groups

developing real business strategies through professional development

taking advantage of alliance partnerships

You are in business for yourself but never by yourself!

Isn’t it time to go PRO?

You can reach Karin Conway at 414-687-9900 or Karin@proalliances.com

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