One (1) simple tip to help you increase your exposure at events!

One (1) simple tip to help you increase your exposure at events!

Date November 22, 2009

Networking tips Networking tips

Howdy Gang~~

Here is a simple tip to help you gain some FREE exposure at every networking event you attend.  Here it is.  Arrive early and instead of becoming just another attendee who is trying to hawk your products to a bunch of people not there to buy because they are hawking their stuff ACT like you are the Host of the event!

When I attend an event you will probably find me close to the front door being one of the first people to extend a friendly hand to welcome you to the event.  I will ask you several questions about you and your business and then grab you by your hand and introduce you to someone standing by themselves.  One of the reasons I do this is so I can have first crack at introducing you to the client of your dreams!  This is HUGE for me.  I make it a point at every event to introduce you to people I think you need to know.   Another benefit of acting like a host is, you will be seen as a leader and someone who others should know.  Usually I try and introduce potential clients to those who I am trying to land as clients as well.  Why you ask?  Because if I am trying to land you as a client AND I am introducing you to several new people at a specific event, I am doing the work for you and your business. This makes your job easier AND you have a higher likelihood of wanting to get to know me. 

Remember at your next event to act like an Ambassador for the event and NOT like a guest!  Try it and please let me know your results!!  Give someone an AWESOME day!!  Happy Networking.

Post by Casey Eberhart  on November 22, 2009

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