Thought of the Day

“Worrying is the same thing as banging your head against the wall. It only feels good when you stop.”

–  John Powers

I remember taking a stress management class years ago and my instructor, a psychologist, was very clear in helping us understand emotions that could inspire, encourage, or could do no good at all.  I can still recall her saying, “Worry is a wasted emotion“. What she meant is that nothing good could come from worrying. Other emotions might inspire us to take action. You need to focus on things that you can change or have an effect upon.

In reality when you worry, you focus on what you fear most or what you don’t want to happen. All that focused emotional energy on the negative outcome will help bring that negative  outcome into reality.  You decide your own future. Why not focus on something positive?

Make it a great day! (only YOU can decide to)

Karin Conway

Karin Conway Headshot

Karin Conway

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