Dream Builder from Mary Morrissey

Below is a copy of an email I receive in my inbox regularly. I would encourage you to visit Mary’s website and sign up to receive the Daily Dream Builder messages. Mary is very inspiring!

A message from Mary Morrissey, arriving in your life exactly when you need it most…

Hi,   Sometimes our lives can get so busy that we think ‘oh I don’t have time to get everything done and I certainly don’t have time to pray or meditate.’   That is the moment, that is exactly the time, when we do need to pause even for twenty or thirty seconds. Take a deep breath. Gather yourself together and realize some appreciation for this life.   You will see that your thinking is clear, your choices are stronger, and you really do have the time that is required for everything you need to do.   With Peace and Many Blessings,



http://www.MaryMorrissey.com · LifeSOULutions · PO Box 630269 · Simi Valley, CA. 93063

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