True Colors

I was driving down the road yesterday when one of my favorite high school songs came on the radio….Cyndi Lauper – True Colors.  I just had my 20 year class reunion last month. Do the math and guess which decade of music I resonate most with?

OK, so I’m a total 80’s chick…sorry I can’t help it!

Now, this song and others like it would probably drive my hubby nuts, but as I was listening to it and singing along loudly, I thought of Joe.

I thought of how I have seen his true colors recently and that’s why I love him.

He has been through a great deal of loss with his 86 yr old Mother passing away recently and being out of work for so long. The only good thing was that since he didn’t have a full time job pulling him away, he had the time to spend with Mom while she was still with us.

He managed to keep his spirits up through this all (maybe with a little help from me) and just landed a PM job.  Over the last few months we both have had a lot of time to reflect on whats really important in life. I think we have grown closer with time.

We have done some projects together, (like refinishing our hardwood floors) and he always keeps a cool head and is very orderly about accomplishing the task at hand. My skills in that area are not as good, so we make a great team.

I know I don’t tell him often enough how much I appreciate him. This is my own reminder that I need to do that more.

Here’s to appreciating those we love most!

Karin Conway (singing along)

And I’ll see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that’s why I love you
so don’t be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow

One Response to “True Colors”
  1. jimhorrell says:

    Hi Karin,

    I really enjoyed your inspiring and thought provoking piece. You are right, we often don’t acknowledge how much our loved ones go through with us and it is interesting how it was a simple song that caused you to pause a few minutes out of your hectic schedule and reflect upon your life situation with your husband.

    Although at this point in time, I have not lost a parent, I have lost a mother-in-law from Pancreatic Cancer and since that moment in time, life has never been the same. Not only was she my mother-in-law, the mother of my wife, she was also a wonderful Grandma who did things for our son that parents normally do for their children.

    Thank you, Karin, for sharing your insight, wisdom, and your feelings and reminding us that sometimes we need to reflect upon the life and circumstances of others to learn what is important in our own life.


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