New and Improved Me, Thanks to HEART

Wowie Zowie!  Have you seen me around the Milwaukee area recently and wondered what I was “on”? No its not drugs…its not sugar…its natural happiness brought on by oxygen flow to the brain. Funny what a little oxygen and positive affirmation ‘ll do for ya! Now I know why they call it “Higher Brain Living”

I recently discovered a whole new way to get to the next level. I am getting very clear about what I want to do when I grow up…if  I HAVE TO…  😉

My Experience with Awaken HEART (Human Emergence And Rapid Transformation)

Before starting the HEART program I was already following the law of attraction and never had much of a problem staying positive in public. It was those dam inner demons that whispered negative crap in my ears, helping me to sabotage my own success. These are the thoughts I am eliminating for good. I also have a problem relaxing and letting go of things like control. The HEART technique is the one thing that I know will take me to the next level. The following post chronicles my experience with this new way of enacting change in your life.  I hope that you find it interesting and will talk to me if you think something like this may be beneficial to help you get to the next level.

First session was Thursday August 12th 2010 (the day my life change started)

I had all my questionnaire items completed and was very excited to get started. I generally have a problem relaxing and letting go, so I wasn’t sure how this would work. According to Dr Drew, I did great but I think he tells everybody that 😉

He had me lie on the table face down to start. He explained that he would be touching certain areas and that I should try not to ask questions until the end. Being naturally inquisitive, that can be hard for me sometimes, but I agreed to comply with his request. He spoke gently to me as he moved through the breathing techniques. He would tell me to breathe deep and try to elevate certain areas from my neck to buttocks. I did as he asked and just let my body decide what to do afterwards. I experienced some degree of the dolphin body movement afterwards, but it was minimal on the first visit. I did feel a deep sense of relaxation and clarity after the session. It felt great and I am looking forward to more sessions. One thing I noticed was how much the music had an affect on my breathing and movement. He had some great African drum music playing that seemed to help facilitate the rhythmic actions.

Thursday August 19, 2010   Session #2

I had my second session today and it was similar in many ways to the first, except that there were 3 other people also going through the HEART process at the same time. I was the last one to arrive and the others were already face down and starting the breathing process. I quickly explained to Dr Drew that I had just gone thru food poisoning and could not really practice breathing since the last treatment. I felt well enough to keep the appointment so we proceeded. My heart rate was slightly elevated at the start from climbing the 3 flights pretty quickly. I started face down and began the deep breathing. The music seemed to guide my breathing. I noticed myself going along with the rhythm of the music. Dr Drew guided me thru the process and made assurances that I was doing fine along the way. It is very bizarre but as he touches different trigger points it changes your level of relaxation, changes your breathing, and makes you feel lighter. One thing I noticed more this time was the tingling sensation I felt in my hands as I laid on my back. Also, when the session was concluded I had difficulty standing up without falling over. It also took several minutes for my eyes to clear so that I could see well enough to drive. That was really weird. I definitely felt very relaxed at the end but had much shallower breathing this time. I did not feel quite as giddy afterwards and had very little dolphin movement during the session.

Thursday August 26th, 2010  Session #3

Today I started my HEART session a little tired (didn’t sleep much) and with a tense neck and back. I have been stressing out a little on all of my obligations. I will eventually eliminate that stress completely went I learn to say no. I arrived slightly early which was great because I got to chat with Dr Drew for a minute. He explained a few things about the anchors we are creating during the sessions. I focused on breathing deeply; in the nose, out the mouth. Then, I let my body and breath do what it needed to do.  I was VERY relaxed when it was done. This time I didn’t have my arms fall asleep nor did I. I noticed a lot less tension afterwards. Dr Drew had me put my knees up for a little while, while on my back; which was different. I really enjoy the part where he picks up my head and elongates my neck so I can breathe better. Today I was just a little light headed but able to drive right after. I noticed one strange sensation or twitch in my leg this time.

I confirmed with Dr Drew that increasing the frequency to twice a week is a good plan to get me kick started. Next week I will do Tues/Thurs.

(Aug 28) I had an absolutely fabulous time at my 20 year class reunion on the 28th and looking stunning in my dress. I couldn’t stop smiling and socializing with so many people I would never have chatted with during high school. Some people are still local, motivated, and will attend my business events in the near future. Very cool!!

Tuesday August 31st, 2010   Session #4

It feels pretty standard by now…got on the table, got in rhythm. One weird thing was I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my knees and buttocks. I think that was a first for me. I again noticed a strange tingling sensation in my legs/knees. I think it was my body’s memory that caused it, because shortly after Dr Drew touched that same spot. Weird! My breathing was very deep for most of the session, then slowly back down to a relaxing pace. Not too dizzy at end.

People have taken notice and think I’m on crack or something. Also, my phone has started to ring. I put out the intention that I will only attract the right new clients that are motivated and genuinely want to invest in their ongoing learning.  Those are the ones that are calling me now.

Thursday September 2nd, 2010   Session #5

People are starting to notice something is different with me. I have been standing up straight, smiling, and breathing a lot! Some ask if I have lost weight. I met with Kevin K today and had an amazing conversation that may change my business dramatically.

I noticed more twitches in my legs today. It is strange to note that as Dr Drew makes contact with a specific area, like my knee, the blood will pump more obviously there and twitches generally occur. It also feels heavy for a little while after. I had the yawnzies in the car after. It was relaxing, very very relaxing!

(Sept 3-6 )Went camping out in bfe (near Madison) with Joe Friday thru Monday and had no chance of practicing breathing on my own. I did get a great workout running 6 + miles through the woods and thanks to the breathing techniques I have been practicing, was able to keep up mostly.  I have been running a lot more with the dog lately and always want to go farther than 2 miles but he won’t. It feels great to have my wind back…almost like during marathon training.

Tuesday September 7th, 2010  Session #6

It all seems pretty normal now. Today I showed up and there were three other people who were all in tier 3 (advanced) already getting in the motion. This was cool to observe. Even though I keep my eyes closer I could hear them repeating their affirmations. That was cool!! I will be at that stage very soon and can’t wait. I did notice a strange sensation in my back this time…almost like it was falling asleep or something


I have already started to make the mind shift that I can do anything I set my mind to. Its true, I can. I’m unstoppable. Things are really starting to fall into place. I am attracting all kinds of Positive people to me and it rocks! They just keep coming out of the woodwork. Even little things like my husband just happened to drive up to Green Bay for the weekend and leave me some quiet time at home alone. That was exactly what I needed to continue writing out my reSOULutions. He was really going there to help clean out his Mom’s house, but he also helped me by giving me just the right amount of time I needed to move forward.

Wednesday September 15th, 2010 Session #7 with Dr Cotton (Founder of HEART)

This session was fabulous. Dr Cotton reviewed my reSOULutions before we started to be sure he could read them. I was the only one there this time so I could say them as loud as I wanted without disturbing anyone. It felt so good to be in that mindset where you actually believe and feel what you are saying. In the past I have made plenty of goals, affirmations, and other positive minded stuff before, but never had this deep of a feeling of believing and really feeling that the things I stated were really coming true. As always I felt some other strange sensations here and there…but just a little twitch in my leg or arm…nothing earth shattering. The biggest sensation I felt was in my head. I felt almost like I was buzzing with good energy.  I finally found a way to trick myself into not self-sabotaging my own good. I believe I can do anything and I am unstoppable.

After the first time reading thru them with Dr Cotton, I already am making changes to the statements to make them more concise and clear.

Dr Drew had scheduled this session for me and encouraged me to keep the appointment to meet Dr Cotton, as this was the last day he would be facilitating at the Buffalo St office. Dr Cotton has turned this office over to Dr Drew so he can start more new HEART offices in other cities. It is growing very rapidly and I am so glad I found this when I did. I really needed something to kick me in the @ss and get me going.  Now I can’t stop the momentum of the freight train. I’m forming my ‘dream team’ of like minded achievers. Are you on board?

Karin Conway

A Person on a Mission

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