Lakefront Discovery Run Was Fun

Lakefront Discovery Run happened Saturday October 30th, 2010 and it was a blast! This was the first year I actually can say I had a lot of fun coordinating this run. Unfortunately, it will be my last. I have put in my three years, which is longer than some Race Directors last. I am happy to say that Scott Stauske has been co-directing this year and will be taking over the race from this point forward. He has new energy and ideas and will be awesome in this role.



We had great weather unlike “tradition” for this run. No torrential rain or tornado-like wind this time around. Hell, we even had some sunshine towards the end.



Great turnout; 923 total finishers

15K race had 689 finishers

5K fun run had 234 finishers



Stuck in line outside Ale House? Now you know part of the reason  why we had to cap the race. Your new Race Director, Scott will work on brainstorming remedies to be able to expand capacity, but to be safe …register early if you want to do this race in 2011.



Many heartfelt thanks to our fabulous Strider Race Captains!! These are the people that make this event possible for you.


Dennis Shoemaker did a great job on the shirts. Everybody loved them!

Pete and Mary Wysocki handled race day packet pickup fabulously.

Scott Stauske did a great job coordinating volunteers and acted as Co-Director.

Joe Brusky handled all the heavy lifting and made sure the proper equipment was available on the course.

Bill Jahnke facilitated the water stops, coned off the course, and did too much more behind the scenes to mention here.

Hank Nisiewicz handled everything marvelously at the finish line. Good news, this year the wind didn’t blow the clock off the table!

Paul and Mary Sokolowski ensured runner safety on the course by assigning Course Marshalls to lead runners in the proper direction and stop any traffic that could endanger their safety.

Marty Malin was Lead Biker and pedaled ahead of the lead runners to guide them. They run so fast (probably to get to the beer), we have to make sure they go the right way!

Jerry Anderson  helped behind the scenes and also assisted with Awards.







Special Thanks to Our Fabulous Sponsors including;

The Milwaukee Ale House 


InStep Running & Walking Centers


BELL Ambulance


Panera Bread 


Durski Chiropractic Health Center





15K Top Runners;

Male Participants
1. Pete Metz 54:47
2. Kyle Udovich 54:53
3. Jeff Kobinsky 55:06
4. David McConville 56:26
5. Igor Stevic 56:30
Female Participants
1. Holly Nearman 59:19
2. Ruth Swedler 1:04:44
3. Mary Flaws 1:05:54
4. Amy Vallejo 1:06:02
5. Georgine Kudrna 1:06:17


Male Masters               Ted Shue of Glendale   57:24

Female Masters            Mary Flaws of Waukesha         1:05:54


Trophies for masters and overall male/female were given out at Ale House. Age group medals will be mailed.


Race Results available online;


In keeping with tradition, the 5K fun run awards were given to the 31st, 76th, and 9th from last place finishers. There is nothing official about the 5K-ish, but it is fun!



Bill Flaws of took some great pictures on the course and has graciously shared them with us.  Wow, Bill took 532 total pictures of the race!! Bill, thanks for sharing. Check it out here;

You can also visit his Facebook page here:




Did you miss LDR this year? Or are you looking for another great 15K?

Check out the Turkey Trot on Sunday November 7th.

Details and registration links;

This is one of those unique prediction runs where you have to register ahead and predict your finish time. There are no timers, clocks, watches, mile markers, splits, etc. on the course.  50 full size Thanksgiving turkeys will be awarded to the people who most closely predict their finish time.  Not up for a full 15K? They also have a 2 mile run. Get in touch with Race Director Steve Gamm for more information. Better yet, visit the Badgerland Striders site or go directly to to register.

Don’t dawdle and miss this great run. You must register by Nov 4th!!




Thanks again for participating in the Lakefront Discovery Run!!

I hope to see you next year!


J Karin Conway

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  1. Sam Hale says:

    Great post thanks for sharing. You should check out the race I am training for at the moment, the Spartan Race

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