Are You As Happy As Your Dog? from Dr Rick

From Inspired Visionary Dr Rick Schaefer of  “Extreme Thought Makeover” (who I am honored to call my friend)


Are You As Happy As Your Dog?

When you see a friend do you get all excited?
Do you look directly into their eyes with a great eagerness to be noticed? To be pet? To be hugged? To be played with?

When you see your spouse or significant other coming home, do you get up, go to the door, anxiously await them, blocking the door, shuddering with excitement and love? When they enter your home do you hug them, lick them, and run circles around them? Do you make it undeniable clear to them they are the most important person in the world to you?

If you did, you would have the greatest relationship in the world.

If we ALL did, it would transform the world forever!

Are you as WISE as your dog?


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