Dr Rick Schaefer on GOALS

The thoughts below are from one of my favorite coaches, Dr Rick Schaefer. He is the Author of Extreme Thought Makeover and an inspiration to many. I hope you enjoy it! If you need help setting your goals, check out the upcoming event on January 10th;   http://www.meetup.com/Milwaukee-Business-Professionals/calendar/15865824/

What you think about is what you create… whether you consciously want it or not. 

It is the New Year, 2011, a time for fresh starts and resolutions and setting new goals. In honor of the New Year, I will focus on a theme this week:  Goal- setting and achieving.

Today I will share a Law of Attraction perspective on goals. From that perspective, goal achieving is done from the inside out. The belief is that 99% of the work is done internally and then when you are totally ready and in perfect alignment with your goal, the result bursts out in an unstoppable fashion.

This probably feels a little like “just think it, and it will be.” It seems like it might lack action, but it doesn’t. It just asks that you don’t try to force it or “make it happen” before it’s time. Some would see it as procrastination, but the Law of Attraction perspective is that there is genius in procrastination.
Have you ever had an inspiration that just came flowing out of you in an unstoppable and easy way?
There is no stopping it, is there? That is the idea.

Create your goal, write it down, put in some detail steps if you like, and then think about it! Visualize the completion of the goal, the joy in the process of it, and the moments that will give you the greatest happiness along the way. Visualize those moments, and the happiness in the achieving of all of it. And then wait until you just can’t wait any longer and the whole thing bursts out of you.

One of the advantages of this approach is that there is an internal monitor. What bursts out of you will always be consistent with your life purpose. If you take action prematurely, and “make it happen,” it could manifest in a way that will not be satisfying or successful.

Let’s explore the nature of the Law of Attraction.
According to most experts, it states that basically what you put your attention on… expands. What you think about will manifest. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Apparently all we need to do is think about something and it will appear in our lives. Yes, it is that simple. Surely you know of a child who relentlessly asks for a particular new toy; ultimately they will get it. The child’s singular focus of thought is so relentless that it simply must come to be.

For you however, the trick is in how you think about it. Tomorrow I will discuss how missed messages stand in our way of achieving our goals. In the meanwhile, monitor your words and your thoughts relative to goal-setting. Clear out the thoughts of what you don’t have, and keep the focus on what you want.


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