An Awesome Networking Meeting

I just posted an article on my PRO blog about a recent meeting I had with my new friend Brenda. I think you will enjoy it.


An awesome one on one meeting, Feb 1, 2011

Being a very active business networker, I get to meet a lot of new people all the time. I always try to schedule a one on one meeting when I meet someone interesting that I think I may be able to refer in the future and whom I would like to add to my inner circle.

During a Funtastic Times networking function recently, I met a few great new business professionals with whom I felt I made a connection. Today, I had the distinct pleasure of having a one on one meeting with Brenda. In trying to be efficient with time and resources, I scheduled an 11:00, noon, and 1:30 meeting at the same Panera location. I love meeting there because of the great food and especially the free Wifi access. I stop in regularly and plug in to work in between meetings.

Brenda and I met at noon and started the normal chit chat. We both asked great questions which opened up the opportunity to share, without the conversation being all “me, me, me”. I felt it was great balance. We learned a lot about one another and what we were hoping to achieve in our businesses. At a few minutes before 1:30, I mentioned my next appointment should be arriving shortly, but we could keep chatting until she arrived. Good thing she didn’t show up, because the conversation continued.

Neither of us had an agenda to force our service on the other; we were simply getting to know one another to determine if we would be able to trust one another and feel good about referring people we know.

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Happy networking,

Karin Conway

Life Coach, Business Matchmaker,  Networker Extraordinaire

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