The Next Right Thing – Dr David Krueger

The Next Right Thing

David Krueger, M.D.


John Paul Sartre tells a story about a young married couple who have breakfast together each morning. After breakfast, the wife kisses her husband goodbye and sits by the window all day to cry until he returns. When he does, she perks up. The psychologically minded might see this young woman as suffering from separation anxiety. Consider that she actually suffers from a fear of freedom. As soon as her husband leaves, she is free to do whatever she wants, but this freedom terrifies her – paralyzes her.

People are often experts about what is missing in their lives, about experiences they haven’t had, and what their lives would be like if they were to have them. Yet they also have a very limited repertoire of possibilities of how their lives would be better if these missing things were to actually happen…

–>Read more at the MentorPath blog.


Dr Krueger is amazing. I have taken one of his classes on Coaching Money Mastery and loved it. If you look at his blog or website, you will notice he has another one starting soon.  I really appreciate his gentle soothing voice and style with which he teaches. He also had great materials to take home and work on your own “Money Story”.  I hope you enjoyed the story above.

One Response to “The Next Right Thing – Dr David Krueger”
  1. The next right thing…so simple, yet one of the great challenges of recovery. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

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