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People who know me know what a little nature freak I am. I save every scrap of anything that I can compost or recycle. The garbage man loves me because there is next to nothing for him to pick up.

My Mom taught me to compost the old fashioned way, without any fancy bins or anything.  Over winter I bring a large storage container to the basement and load it up with worms, paper shreds, a little dirt, then add all my food scraps that are compostable. When my worms can no longer keep up, I start a pile outside (I actaully dig a hole before it freezes)

Check out this cool compost bin I just found. Its a little pricey, but looks awesome!


They even have a compost simulator online;


Another good (reasonable price) choice is going through my buddy Joe at Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful.


The compost bin is only $60 and the rain barrels are $50. My neighbor Tom bought the rain barrel and had it painted to match the siding on his house…looks nice! We share a little elevated garden and both feed the worms to keep the tomatoes fertilized all summer long.

When we take care of what we put into the earth, it takes care of us very well!

Karin Conway

Garden Junkie Extraordinaire

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