Plant the Seeds of Your Future – Mary Morrissey

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In Bali, a very devout practitioner of his faith taught me a wonderful lesson I’d like to share with you.  He said, “Every one of us can know our future.”
How can we know our future?  He said we can know our future because we know what we are doing today.  What we are doing today plants the seeds.  That harvest is the experience we have which we call our future.
Just as you would plant crops, you can know the crop you are going to have by the seeds you plant.  If you nurture those seeds and take good care of them, they will bear the fruit of the seeds that are planted.
Today, let us each choose carefully the seeds of the thoughts that we choose, the actions that we take and the words that we speak.  We are creating our future.
Here’s To Your Future,
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Make it a great day!
🙂 Karin Conway
Dreamer, Organic Gardener, Coach, Chief Collaborator
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