Something to Say

desert sunset

I receive these wonderful inspirational messages daily from Nightingale Conant. This one reminds me of a man I never met, my husband’s Father. Apparently George never said much … unless he had something to say.

I never had the pleasure to meet him. He passed away before I met and married Joe.

Hhmm… I think we could all strive to be more like George; instead of just filling the quiet space with noise, wait until you have something profound to say.

Today, my challenge is to enjoy the silence and not try to fill it all in with useless noise.

Enjoy the beautiful day,

🙂 Karin


“There is all the difference in the world between
having something to say and having to say something.”

John Dewey: Was a psychologist, educator, and social critic

If you would like to visit the Nightingale Conant site to sign up for quotes or to see their collection of self-help materials, here’s the address;

desert sunset

This beautiful desert sunset picture was taken by Joe’s Sister Maureen during a recent visit to Arizona.  I think its just gorgeous!

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