Boycott GMO Companies Such as Dean Foods – From OCA

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Important message from the Organic Consumers Association

After learning of their affiliation with Monsanto and the amount of GMO food being fed to cattle, I will never purchase their products again. Thats easy for be since I don’t drink milk anyway. Please read the article below and join in on the boycott of all GMO foods and the companies who try to sneak them into our food supply.

Scary!! It seems like nothing is safe to eat anymore unless you grow it yourself. That’s what I’m doing.

Look for pics of my abundant organic crops very soon.

🙂 KC

Organic Spies Strike Again: Exposing the Shocking Links Between the Biotech Industry and the Organic Trade Association

After the success of “Organic Spies Find Lies,” the organic industry’s most diligent muckrakers, the Organic Spies, are at it again with a new documentary, this time exposing the connection between Horizon, Dean Foods, Land O’ Lakes and Monsanto.

Watch the Video and Take Action

Dean Foods, the largest dairy corporation in the U.S., owns Horizon, the leading organic milk brand, as well as White Wave Silk soy milk which switched from using organic soybeans to so-called “natural” soybeans.

Most of the new GMO alfalfa that will be grown in this country will be used to feed dairy cows producing milk for Dean Foods, who of course already force-feed their factory farm bovines on genetically engineered corn and soybeans.

Monsanto and Forage Genetics’ alfalfa represents a major threat to the integrity of organic milk, as GMO alfalfa will inevitably contaminate organic alfalfa fields, but of course Dean Foods/Horizon/White Wave didn’t try to stop GMO alfalfa. The same PR flak who lobbies for Dean Foods lobbies for Horizon!

And it gets worse. Dean Foods is the primary marketing agent for Land O’ Lakes, a giant dairy, seed, and biotech company which owns Forage Genetics, the co-patent-holder, along with Monsanto, of GMO alfalfa!

Land O’ Lakes, is the largest livestock feed seller in the U.S. With almost all soy and corn being GMO, and 98% of soy and 60% of corn being used as animal feed, that makes Land O’ Lakes the biggest pusher of Monsanto’s GMO crops. Land O’ Lakes also sells Monsanto’s GMO seeds and Roundup herbicide.

As a dairy processor, Land O’ Lakes used to be a competitor of Dean Foods. They went from competitors to partners with a licensing agreement for Dean to process and distribute Land O’ Lakes dairy products. Now Land O’ Lakes is a Dean Foods brand, along with Horizon, Silk, and International Delight. Dean Foods might as well sell Monsanto-brand milk!

Organic Consumers Association is calling for a boycott of Dean Foods and all of its brands, including Horizon and Silk, to protest GMO alfalfa and all of the other crimes against human health, worker safety, animal rights and the environment caused by Dean’s factory farmed dairies.

Watch the video and take action

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