New Babies Have Arrived – Baby Yellow Squash

I was delighted this morning when I got home from my morning jog with my fur kid Rusty. I peeked into the flower pot where I planted some delicious yellow squash seedlings from my Sister in Law Maureen. (now affectionately called Mo’s Yellow)  I had seen some huge orange flowers and knew they were on the way, but had not yet seen any squashes. Today I noticed the little babies were about finger size. Yeah! I can’t wait until they’re huge and I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I have been growing all of my organic vegetables in containers or by hanging them. The hangers (burlap or plastic jugs) dry out very quickly, so I prefer the pots.  If I had enough dirt in the sun I would just plant them in the ground. Guess I’ll have to wait until I find my perfect partners for my organic farm.  I know they’re out there.

If you know someone who is as excited about organic farming as I am, please send them my way.  We really can make a difference in people’s health and their lives!

🙂 Karin Conway

Organic Grower, Connections Coach, Social Butterfly

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