How to Break Records with Roger Seip

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We have an amazing event coming this Wednesday morning. There is still time to register. Go to MeetUp –>


How to Break Records with Roger Seip, Wednesday August 31st, 2011

Held at T3 Training in Bishops Woods from 8:30am-11:00am.

13400 Bishops Lane Suite 270 Brookfield, WI 53005


Fundamentals of Freedom Workshop Series

How to Break Records

Records were meant to be broken. Are you ready to break a few of your own?

In How to Break Records, you will learn to harness your mental power and achieve your personal best in any area of life. And you will do this in about the time it takes to go out for lunch.

The process is simple. You’ll identify a personal record you’d like to achieve and create the action steps to move you in the right direction.


Through that process, we will cover:

• How success leaves clues – and where to find them

• The “Law of Attraction” and the impact it has on your life

• How to “flip the switch” that triggers achievement

Next, you will discover the four things that show up in every record-breaking performance. With this knowledge you’ll leave your existing comfort zone and experience your own record-breaking performance.


Our clients have used this knowledge to:

• Break nearly every sales record known to man

• Create a net worth that warrants the phrase “wads of cash”

• Develop a body that makes your personal trainer envious

• Reverse the aging process

• Wake up smiling about the person next to them

The How to Break Records program turns your regular meeting into an off-the-charts hit.


Investment is only $20 for the general public and free for members of PRO.


Please register on MeetUp;


Client Buzz “ I just closed one of the largest accounts in the company! I was going to a follow-up meeting last week and really needed something to get me in the right frame of mind. I had one of my best meetings ever. Literally, the exec said to me on the way out ‘nice job Dave’.”

– Dave Scher, American Family Insurance

“ This class was beyond my expectations. I believe … I know I will be able to make these ideas and techniques work from this point forward. Thank you – great job!”

– Mike Pierick, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Freedom Personal Development   2424 American Lane Madison, WI 53704

(888) 233 0407 Fax (608) 268 2607

Freedom to choose » Freedom to grow » Freedom to succeed » Freedom delivered.


You must register on MeetUp. If an event is cancelled or changed it will be posted there on the Milwaukee Business Professionals page. Thanks!


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