Boaz + Is Your Ship On Course?

For those of you who attended our event with Boaz on Dec 8,

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2011, you understand why I am so enamored with him.  He has a way of speaking that is very exciting to hear (Boaz keeps you engaged and awake) and he has so many great ideas that might be a little out of the box. Yeah, I love that!! He’s so cool, he only needs one name…yah, he’s really that good. But Boaz is NOT a pretentious jerk like some big name speakers can be! He is engaging and a delight to experience.  He has a genuine interest in others, and it shows.

Boaz inspired me to finally start making some videos. You will see many more in the future. They are all based on things I am passionate about.  Stay tuned.

Below is his most recent post that comes to me by email. Check out his YouTube Channel and his blog to get on his distribution list.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Your Connections Coach, Karin
🙂 KC
It was hard to miss this story in the news last week – “Italian ship, with over 4,000 people, runs aground near the island of Giglio.”
The fact that such an event could take place in modern times, with loss of life, is beyond belief. One would think, with all of our modern GPS and other electronic systems, that a Titanic-like accident would not happen in 2012. But, it did.
The captain, Francesco Schettino, is under arrest and may face charges.
It appears, from news reports, that Captain Schettino allowed the ship to divert off course so he could get closer to the island of Giglio. The result of this decision was a disaster as the ship apparently ran into a huge boulder, ran aground, and started to list.
I see a correlation between this incident and how many of us run our lives. I’m talking to me as much as I’m talking to anyone else.
Much of the time we know which course we should be taking. However, we get off course and then we’re surprised when things go wrong.
Examples of getting off course include not exercising regularly, smoking, excessive drinking, doing drugs, allowing ourselves to get overweight, getting used to a high level of stress, expressing a negative attitude, not nurturing our most important relationships, and not managing our finances productively.
I realize that it’s not easy to always do the best and right things for ourselves on a regular basis. We all have failures. We all get depressed. We all get upset.
However, here’s the definition of a Champion: A Champion does what has to be done, when it has to be done, whether they feel like it or not.
As I do over 100 seminars each year nationwide, there are days when I may feel tired, when I may be depressed over something, when I may not feel my best.
However, every one of my audiences deserves the best that I can give. They honor me by being there and it is my job to share at least one powerful idea with them that could potentially improve their lives. It’s my job to stay on course.
Thus, before I walk into any room to speak, I say to myself two words that get my attitude right and keep me on course: “It’s Showtime!”
That phrase could be used if someone needs to start eating healthier, to exercise regularly, to stop a bad habit, to manage money better, to improve a relationship, or something else. It can be used to get back on a good course.
Why don’t you and I both use that phrase a few times this week and see if we could sail more smoothly toward our most important goals?
You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness! Have a powerful day!
A Focus Affirmation
For me, every day, in every way, is “Showtime!”

Boaz Power Corp., 642 Baywood Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

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