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If you do not already subscribe to Boaz’s Power Notes, here is what you’re missing. You can remedy this by contacting him and asking to be added to his contact list. You can do this easily on the website; . I just adore this guy and hope you feel the same way. We will have him back in Milwaukee to speak to our PRO Alliance group later in the year.
Make it a great day!
🙂 Karin
This past week I was in Memphis, Tennessee, and had the pleasure of learning about a company that truly exemplifies extraordinary customer service.
It’s also a great example of why, during difficult economic times, some people figure out a way to become successful.
We all know about the challenges in real estate in recent years. It was in 2004 that Ken Clothier, Sr., founded a Memphis company after years of successfully purchasing and managing residential real estate in that city on a personal level.
That company has since grown into a multi-generational family-owned business that provides real estate investment opportunities in Memphis to investors nationwide and around the world.
Kent Clothier, Sr., overseas the business with his sons, Chris, Brett and Kent, Jr., along with an amazing staff of people who seem to genuinely like each other, what they’re doing and their clients.
They buy many distressed homes in Memphis, renovate them beautifully, find a renter and sell those homes to investors to hold for long-term positive cash flow.
Ashley, an outstanding team member of Kent’s company, gave me a tour of the various neighborhoods and homes that they have in their inventory.
As we drove around Memphis, this charming and outgoing wife of a minister, and former Marine sharpshooter, explained to me why the company has been so successful.
She related that Kent has ingrained a culture into the company that stresses an above-average level of customer service. As they work with investors nationwide, everyone is encouraged to often use the following phrase with clients: “It’s my pleasure” or “It’s our pleasure.”
When a client has a request, team members have been taught to use the phrase “Consider it done!” And then they follow through immediately to get it done.
What if all of us took those two phrases and used them regularly? Isn’t that what Napoleon Hill was talking about, in the book “Think and Grow Rich“, when he encouraged people to “Go the Extra Mile”.
By the way, if you’d like more information about this Memphis company, you can reach me at: 619-723-3007 or
You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness! Have a powerful day!
An Extra Mile Affirmation
I use phrases such as “It’s My Pleasure” and “Consider it Done”.

Boaz Power Corp., 642 Baywood Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

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