I love this simple idea that just about anybody can do to add some nutrients to their soil. If you have better looking plans, please share. I’m constructing a new compost bin and will let you know how it turns out.
🙂 KC

Ground to Ground

Making your own compost is a must-do for the enterprising gardener. When it comes to getting bulky, organic material that’ll benefit your growing world, whether on expansive or modest plots, creating your own mulch is the way to go.

Easy to do, costs nothing, environmentally friendly and hugely beneficial to your garden, there are plenty of reasons to give it a go.

Arguably it is best to start the process in Spring. Things rot fastest during this season; however, this is not vital. Things rot all year round, so if you’re keen to get going don’t let this put you off. The sooner you can turn your kitchen and garden waste into a rich source of nutrients that’ll see your crops and plants bursting forth the better!

And besides, what better way to spend an afternoon than building a compost bin, which is what you’ll need to get your composting…

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  1. How are you making it?

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