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I just adore Mary Morrissey and love to share the things she shares with me. I hope you enjoy this one and give it a try. I AM!

Make it a great day…only YOU can!  🙂 Karin Conway

There was a wonderful movement several years ago called a complaint-free world. It was all about practicing living 21 days in a row without complaining.
We began practicing this in our family and it has made such a difference. Instead of complaining about something we don’t like, we use the situation as an opportunity to find a solution.
Let’s all practice this complaint-free method today. Let’s see if we can have one full day of solutions.
So, whatever time you get this Daily Dream Builder, I challenge you, encourage you and invite you to join us in 24 hours of creating a complaint-free world today.
Instead of staying quiet about your complaint, just use your energy to offer a solution.
Here’s To Finding Solutions,

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4 Responses to “Mary Morrissey + Complaint-Free World”
  1. yes, Yes, YES! I just posted this to Facebook.

  2. Karen Wan says:

    Thanks for sharing my post. I love Mary Morrisey’s Daily Dream Builder too. I even signed up to her daily video too!

  3. I love Bob Proctor’s and Mary Morrissey’s 11 Forgotten Laws program.

    The foundation it builds and the cut in the learning curve saves you months of figuring out how to apply the exact laws of the universe!

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