Natures Garden Repost – Natural Asthma Relief

Produce grown at organic community garden in S...

Produce grown at organic community garden in Santa Clara, Cuba. Most of the workers are retired. Profits are shared based on how much time is worked. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just got this email from Karen Urbanek of Nature’s Garden Wellness Center. If you have not yet made the journey to Nenno, WI…ask me to carpool sometime. This place is amazing! They have all the natural tinctures, herbal remedies, organic foods,and homeopathic remedies you could ever imagine. I love the idea of living a life without drugs…and its been awhile since I have taken any prescription (except birth control) or over the counter medicines. I gotta be pretty dam sick to buckle and take drugs! Unfortunately we don’t all own the store that has all the natural goodies in our backyard…but I think Karen is a very good example of someone who does not breakdown and drug their children when any little thing creeps up. She knew there was a natural solution and made the trip to get the things needed to fix it without harmful drugs or worse.

I admire her and hope you pay her a visit soon!

🙂 Karin

Health Enthusiast, Connections Coach

Emily, our 21 year old daughter, developed asthma-like problems when young.  Her twin brother Eric did as well.  I have always believed (and will always believe) it is because they were my only C-section births.  To deprive those little lungs from the best squeeze of fluid out of their bodies must have upset nature!

However, breach and heads locked, if we hadn’t had an emergency C-section, we would not have them so….ok! We dealt with it!

As we understood more about Asthma and breathing, and the correlation with natural foods, both Eric and Emily have gotten off of all medications and have been for many years.  Yeah!  Milk being a huge culprit, wheat not a help and fruits and veggies being GREAT in helping!

Now back to the story……two stores that is…..

#1  Last week we went Horseback riding, to our surprise it was in hay fields.  They sure were pretty, but Emily started having reactions quite severely while we were yet 30 minutes from return.  Having not had reactions in years, we had nothing with us.  Emily returned home and went straight to Nature’s Garden for relief…and relief she found!

#2  Not ever having a breathing problem, Rose (10) found herself not breathing on the way to church Sunday morning.  Lilly was wondering why Rose had blurry eyes, was crying, and she would not
talk.   Come to find out…she couldn’t!  She had restrictive
breathing.  After dropping everyone off at church (we had already
arrived) I drove efficiently (that is my word for much faster than normal) to….Nature’s Garden!  I passed the clinics along the way, only temporarily questioning my thought process…..knowing full well steroids were not my first
choice… and drove off.   Ahh…relief at Nature’s Garden!

So what did we do?  What have we found works in stopping these attacks in our own home? First off, – remember I am not a doctor – just a crazy lady who believes in healing using Mother Nature – so use your best judgment if you try any of the following!

Now…the good stuff.

Here is what Emily uses in college if her breathing is in question and some of what we used for Rose.

#1 Breathe Easy Essential Oil blend.  This blend has worked for years.  When we would track off to the State Fair we placed a few drops on cotton balls in a zip lock bag. If Eric or Emily had a reaction – wala!  It disappears.  This is what Rose will carry to school now..…just in case this ever happens again.

#2 SHA form Nature’s Garden.  This Herbal tincture was designed for Sinus, Hay fever and Allergies, and was done so with Emily in mind!  Corey the master herbalist, mad scientist and engineer, is AMAZING in his lab – and we will forever be thankful for this wonderful tincture of herbs.  It has helped countless people around the country already! (Remember: Corey is the same man as Chris – remember he changed his name!)

#3 Immucalm from Dr. Christopher.  Great capsules for helping inflammation.

#4 Peppermint oil.  We use a few drops of peppermint essential oil in a carrier oil (never taken internally) and rubbed on chest.  Ahhh, love those bronchial tubes!

#5 EFT – Emotion Freedom Technique.  Check out our website or anyone else who teaches EFT – it is FREE and works for EVERYTHING!  Google EFT for hay fever!

#6  Reflexology!  I LOVE reflexology, and hope within the next couple years I will be certified in this.  I LOVE it! And it works for Pete’s sake!  We did our points with Emily and it worked great!

Rose did not need all of the above, she was fine with Breathe Easy and some peppermint oil.  Although we do not know what triggered Rose’s attack – we believe the humid thick air after the rain and the fact she had cheese (she does not eat that
much) the night prior may have something to do with it.  Who cares!  We knew what to do!!! THAT is why I am writing to you.

As for me, I will not leave the home again without Breathe Easy!
We only have a few left on the property, and if you want a small bottle just call Claire at 262-629-4301 and she will place your name on the order.  Preparing is the name of the game!  (This is NOT a sales pitch!  I just wanted to share with you, and you ARE signed up to receive this newsletter….thanks! Hope it helped!) Happy Breathing!!!

Now about those retreats…….

Nature’s Garden Health Retreats! JUNE 14-16 and SEPTEMBER 27-29

Retreats Held at Cedar Valley – West Bend, WI
Thursday 4:00pm – Saturday 7:00pm (but you will want to stay

Nature’s Garden Health Retreats are an amazing opportunity to
jump start your new healthier way of living. Become fully immersed in
learning about raw food preparation, nutrition, yoga, detoxification and
holistic health.

Come, relax and rejuvenate with like minded people at this
BEAUTIFUL 100 Acre Resort.

Enjoy daily yoga, body toning, natural skin care, delicious raw
living foods, nature walks, and a variety of health classes.


Investment – For LIFE!
The retreat price includes:
*  Accommodations at the Cedar Valley Center for 2 nights and
three days
Organic living meals and snacks
*  Classes: yoga , food preparation, nutrition, holistic health,
skin and body care and vision boards
*  Coaching sessions to help you incorporate what you learn at
the retreat into your everyday life
*  1 on 1 interaction with the retreat staff to get your specific
questions and concerns addressed
*  Closing raw banquet (dinner guests will have an extra charge
of $24.99)

Investment in your vibrant health: $349.00!
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of
Any spa services should be booked directly through Cedar Valley
Center and
paid for at time of service.


This program is limited to 25 participants, please register SOON!

Nature’s Garden Health Center #262-629-4301





Nature’s Garden Wellness Center, 7001 Hwy 175, Allenton, wi 53002, United States

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  1. yes, Yes, YES!

    As a Holistic Health Practitioner who is Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, I can vouch for items number 4, 5, and 6 – Peppermint oil, EFT, and Reflexology. I can well imagine that items 1 through 3 are terrific too, I simply don’t have first-hand experience with them.

    Great post!

  2. Acep Aprilyana says:


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