I just love this blog and want to share it. You can reuse just about anything, including used coffee grounds.
Love it!
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Ground to Ground

Did you know that our largest organ is our Skin!

It is worth protecting, improving, softening, and cleaning with the best products available.

The best products available do not always mean the most pricey at the spa or at the cosmetics and skin care counter in a department store.

Sometimes the best products around come right from out kitchens.

English: Skin layers

Skin is delicate; it breathes; and is porous.

Just like we would not use harsh chemicals or heavy material on a delicate wooden table top for fear of scratching or damaging, we especially have to be careful with a living organ.

What’s in an Exfoliant?

Some of the store bought exfoliant actually contain bits of stone or plastic granules. They may also contain either peppermint oil or alcohol, which are both drying to the skin.

Granted, the premise behind what an exfoliant does is based on a slight abrasive material that, when rubbed in…

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