Day 8 ~ Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Day 8 ~ Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Link to Day 8 video;

Hi, it’s Karin, Your Favorite Connections Coach.

I am working on my 30 day Video Gratitude Challenge.

Today is Day 8. Today I am very grateful for so many things. I want to focus on my buddy Larry Bain today. Larry is my networking buddy, Chief IT dude (helps remove viruses, computer setup and repair), co-host extraordinaire, bouncer, etc. Larry is the kind of guy you can always count on. He is always there for me to help organize events and keep me out of trouble. He knows almost as many people as I do…maybe more. We have a standing joke. If neither of us has ever heard of someone in the Milwaukee area, they don’t exist. J

It is said (and I’m a firm believer) that what you think about you bring about. I have been cursing about my phone lately… so would you know it, my phone went away. So after losing yet another phone last weekend, I just got a new one delivered and have it up and running. Thank-you! I love technology but also hate it sometimes. I know I couldn’t live without it, and I couldn’t blabber at you via my video blog without it. Yeah technology!


Thanks!  As always, please follow me using my links below.

This is Karin Conway, your connections coach.

Talk to you again soon!

Run time on video is 2:46, so you don’t have to listen to me yammer on for tooo long.

If anyone has ever wanted to do a 30 blog a day challenge, just do videos. Then writing the content is easy and you have something to post!

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Videos will be posted on her personal blog;

Link to Day 8 video;

You can connect with Larry in the following places;


Larry R. Bain, LLC

Computer Consultant

(262) 542-6397


You can connect with Karin in the following places;

Karin Conway

Connections Coach

PRO Alliance Resources, LLC

414-687-9900 (PRO events)  (personal blog) (PRO blog)

Larry’s Brown Deer Market (delectable catering) website;

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