Best T Shirt Ever

Some of you may know that I am heavily involved in the Badgerland Striders running club. One of the fun jobs I get to do is coordinating the volunteers for the Lakefront Discovery Run. It is coming up fast with less than a week to go before race day.  I wouldn’t be so happy about being volunteer coordinator, except that I used to be the race director and much prefer a lesser role. I didn’t like the stress of being in charge of everything! 🙂

I wish I had a digital image of the shirt for this year. I saw the layout and its great! It is always a Halloween themed run and features a long sleeved (usually black) t-shirt.

I just got a copy; Disco Run 2012 Shirt Front

At the bottom is a list of volunteer stations we still need to fill. For volunteering at the race you get a long sleeved black cotton shirt, beer mug, and a lot of thanks and praise…oh yah and you get to drink beer at the Milwaukee Ale House until we kill the kegs.  Sounds like fun to me! 🙂

Please email me if you can help out;

Karin Conway

Volunteer Coordinator

Lakefront Discovery Run is happening Saturday October 27th, 2012 at 9am. Registration is closed, so if you wanted to participate your best bet is to volunteer and get to experience the event and get the BEST T-SHIRT EVER! Ok, they’re always the best ever. Thanks Dennis!

Below is the list of potential volunteer stations.

Please respond and let me know the following;

*if you are available on race day and would like to help out this year

*your first and second choices of volunteer stations

*t-shirt size

*mobile number on race day


Race Day Packet Pickup= 16 people 9 people at the Italian Community Center. Check in with Pete at 6:45am on race day.  must have basic understanding of alphabet and numbers. Good customer service skills are a plus. Hand out bibs and shirts. Very easy and fun. Might be sitting or standing. Done by 8:30-  8:45. Good choice if you are also running the race. Let me know if you are running so we can get you out early to warm up.

InStep 403 E. Buffalo Street  Milwaukee, WI 53202
InStep Packet Pickup= must have basic understanding of alphabet and numbers. Good customer service skills are a plus. Hand out bibs and shirts. Very easy and fun.

2 people @ In-Step  on Thursday, Oct. 25th, from 3:30-7:30 p.m.

2 people @ In-Step on Friday, Oct. 26th, from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Runner= 1 person to run results from the race van to the Ale House, multiple trips back and forth. Check in with scoring van by 10am.

Handing out Awards= 1 person at Ale House. Find Scott at Ale House around 10:30am. Scheduled to be handed out around 11:00am.

Course Marshals= 28 15 people needed to man the course and ensure runner safety. Must be able to speak loudly, wave a flag, direct traffic if needed. Check in with Paul and Mary at ICC at 8am.

Equipment/Course Setup= 2 people needed to assist with distributing supplies on course in early am. Must be very athletic and able to bend, reach, lift heavy objects with a partner. Check in with Ryan or Joe at 6:30am. Done in time for the race, could be participant.

Equipment/Course Breakdown= 1 person needed to help collect equipment on course. Must be relatively athletic and able to bend, reach, lift heavy objects.  Check in with Joe near start/finish after all participants have finished. (Course closes at 11am.) May be able to start collecting equipment early on the course before its closed.

Bicycle Marshals = 2 bikers needed to guide runners. Lead man. Lead woman. Lead overall. Will need to bicycle twice around course. Once to lead the runners, then to circle back for stragglers so they don’t get lost. Check in with Marty at ICC around 8:30am.

Volunteer check-in= 1 person to be on site at the ICC to guide volunteers to their appropriate location and Race Captain, help them out with equipment, distribute t-shirts, etc.  Check in at ICC with Scott around 6:30am.

Please send your reply right away and I’ll get you on the schedule for your first choice. 🙂

Thanks for all your help. Make it a great day.  Volunteers Rock!

🙂 Karin

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