Day 17 ~ Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Day 17 ~ Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (recorded 12/10/12)

Day 17 video à

Hi, it’s Karin, Your Favorite Connections Coach.  I am working on my 30 day Video Gratitude Challenge.  Today is video # 17.

I’d like to take today to be thankful for life in general. Also for the ability to be able to walk, to run… which Rusty appreciates. 🙂 I am also very grateful to my chiropractor for my new job! While working for him, I get to help people get well.

I was lucky enough to attend a conference in Chicago on ending racism, or at least opening up the conversation and starting to dismantle it. We all come together thru eating real food.  Together we will accomplish great things. After this experience, I may consider having my farm in the city in an area that really needs some REAL food.

For all this I am Grateful!    Count your blessings…they will multiply.

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