Definitely worth a few minutes to stop and read. Talk about making a difference in someone’s life! 🙂

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

I rarely write personal posts but I just read about something at Kerry Dwyer’s blog site that reminded me of something that changed my life, something I wanted to share, the power of touch.

While in grad school at UCLA, I had a clinical rotation at a VA outpatient hospital, when a homeless man was brought in to the emergency room. He was filthy with a foul odor, as if he hadn’t changed his clothes in days nor took them off to go to the bathroom. I saw him come with the paramedics and the commotion that ensued with a lull before anyone started treatment, to gown and glove up, goggles over eyes, all body parts covered. The swarm of doctors and nurses began working on him as I made my way over to what looked like a great teaching experience I didn’t want to miss out on. When one…

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  1. jimhorrell says:

    Thank you for sharing this reblogged post. We all make differences in the lives of others around us. Sometimes it is an unexpected hug, a kind word, or a simple smile. Although many of us do not even realize the impact we have on others, it does happen.

    As I read the post you shared, a tear came to my eye. People can be so cruel to others sometimes, but they also can be very comforting. I think if more people read this post and stopped for a moment, they could make a change in their lives that could mean so much to others.

    Take care my friend and thank you for sharing a story with me which makes a difference.


  2. I really loved this, Karin. I appreciate the time it took to send this out.

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