Gluten Free is a Good Way to Be

Karin Conway

I wanted to share this article published on the Youngevity site; I think it helps explain a little bit about gluten intolerance or sensitivity…or whatever you want to call it. (Celiac Disease). It all boils down to a genetically modified product like wheat causing all sorts of inflammation and upset to your stomach and body.

For me, it causes inflammation and so much phlegm (gross!) I can barely breathe.

Do you feel sluggish, have stomach upset, congestion, or other ‘unexplained’ symptoms? I challenge you to do a little experiment and eliminate all wheat from your system to see what happens.  I didn’t figure it out until 2009 when I attended UPW with Tony Robbins and did a 10 day cleanse. Before that I was trying to run marathons, following the “expert” plans of junking up on carbs. I couldnt figure out why I almost passed out dead from an asthma attack when I was doing everything “right”.

Since then I’ve learned a lot and now help others get one step closer to health everyday. I’m the Organic Growth Coach. A lot of what i have learned came from Dr Joel Wallach, my health hero! I got a chance to meet and greet him in Las Vegas and again when he did a health talk here in Milwaukee. I can’t wait until he returns to open a few more eyes here.

Milwaukee is also blessed to be the hometown of another health hero of mine, Dr. William Davis  author of Wheat Belly. This is a very eye-opening book I would highly recommend.

If you decide you truly want to live healthier and want to learn more about Youngevity, please speak to me. I don’t just use their products to feel great, I’m also a distributor and would love to connect you to better health.

Make it a great day!

🙂 Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach

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