Having a Hard Time Giving up Wheat? Its Not Your Fault

Wheat is such a nice looking plant. Who knew it would wreak havoc on your body?

Wheat is the third most produced cereal crop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a hard time giving up wheat and gluten, you’re not alone and its not your fault.   Wheat is addictive just like crack or heroine.   I just got my own copy of Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD and I was not surprised to read about how wheat affects your brain and makes it extremely hard to remove from your diet. I know many people who struggle with this. I am very well aware of the destructive properties of wheat and am not shy about sharing with those around me. 😉  A lot of people tell me, “I’m trying, but I have to use up the food I have…or I just want to have a pizza one last time.” The truth is that I completely understand. I am a former bread addict as well. I recall going out to dinner with my former husband and polishing off the bread basket before my entree arrived. Usually I barely touched  my meal because my belly was already full of bread by that point.

According to the Wheat Belly book, “exorphins” (exogenous morphine-like compounds) have a unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and bind to the brain’s morphine receptors. Exorphins are the polypeptides created by mixing gluten with stomach acid and enzymes. Research was conducted by Dr Christine Zioudrou and NIH (National Institutes of Health) using lab rats.

What they found out from their research is that consuming gluten (the main protein of wheat) sets off an addictive reaction in your body that does actually give some people a “high” feeling and leads to addictive behaviors…like a heroin addict. When heroin addicts are admitted to the ER, they are injected with the drug naloxone to block their “high” and bring them back to reality. The same drug reaction was found to bring the lab rats down off their gluten high.  Sounds pretty scary to me. I say the sooner you can start weening yourself off this nasty crap, the better!

Stay tuned for more information you can use to be a little bit healthier everyday. I’ll try to break it down to a form you can understand and start to introduce in your own personal health plan.

Milwaukee is blessed to be the hometown of a health hero of mine, Dr. William Davis  author of Wheat Belly. This is a very eye-opening book I would highly recommend. I just got my copy from Amazon and can’t put it down. I did just long enough to share a few bits of information for you.

I help others get one step closer to health everyday. I’m the Organic Growth Coach.

Make it a great day!

🙂 Karin Conway (aka KC Green)

Organic Growth Coach


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