Stay Open to Possibilities

Stay Open to Possibilities… You never know when someone will surprise you. If you maintain an open (and positive) mind, you leave yourself open for positive things to happen.  The opposite happens when people shut out others because of a past experience that was less than pleasant.

KC and G

KC and G

I just recently wrote about changing energy.  A lot of this post was focused on and inspired by my recent divorce. I was not looking for anyone new to come into my life. I purposely hung out with people who had zero interest in any commitment of any sort and wouldn’t try to tie me down in any way. I truly thought this was the best option for me. I needed some time to Be alone and just Be me.

Because I maintain a positive outlook on life, I attract positive people to me on a regular basis. Sometimes this means other people need to leave my life to make room for someone really special to show up and surprise me.  I’ve stopped questioning things and am just rolling with it.

All I’m trying to say is that no matter what has happened in the past; please don’t allow yourself to be so jaded that you are not open or aware when something or someone fabulous jumps up and surprises you. Even if that was not part of the master plan, be open to good things coming into your life …and they just might show up. 🙂  It happened to me and I’m  very glad I was open to receive it.

2 Responses to “Stay Open to Possibilities”
  1. I’m tickled pink for you!

  2. Yeah, good news. Hope for all!

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