Confused About Obamacare? You’re Not Alone

I was very confused and did not want anything to do with health insurance when I heard the gov was trying to “force” me to buy some coverage I knew nothing about. I’m a naturally healthy person and had no use for traditional MDs. Then my old buddy Chad got back in touch with me after not seeing him for awhile. I knew he was very knowledgeable about traditional insurance policies but never had any interest in this in the past. I’ve had a couple of JOBs that covered me or was married and covered on some other policy. Now I’m on my own completely and just curious enough to want to know my options. I agreed it was good to know the options and went thru the process with him on the ACA website;

The whole thing took less than an hour and I was shocked at how large of a tax credit I qualify for based on my income. They have some kind of sliding scale they use to help subsidize people who make less. When you fill out the app, they send you a qualification letter to let you know how much you can put towards a policy. Then you can take a look at the policies. This is where I was especially happy to have Chad help me out. My eyes would have been rolling in my head trying to understand the different levels of coverage available. There isn’t just one plan, but a whole slew of different levels of coverage, deductible options, etc.  In the end, I figured out that if I make the amount I estimated in 2014, I can get a basic coverage for less than $50/mo. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I now can have Affordable Coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Since I like to share a good thing, I talked Chad into coming to speak to my professionals group this Friday. is where I normally post it, but they got a malicious attack and I’m not sure registration will be available and reliable, so I’m posting it here, facebook, and maybe a few other places. Check it out, in case they get it fixed before Friday;

Details are below. Please shoot me an email with your name and attendance please;

If you can’t make it to the presentation and just want to go thru it with Chad, you won’t hurt my feelings. 😉

Chad Harris

Harris Insurance Agency  100 N Corporate Drive Suite 100 Brookfield, WI  53045

Phone 262 335 1990


Please register to attend either the 9am event or the 10:30am event. Each will last approximately one hour and is limited to 10 attendees.

7 things you NEED to tell your friends and family NOW about Obamacare

We are lucky to have a local expert on hand to help us understand this very confusing Act. Chad Harris is owner of Harris Insurance Agency and specializes in healthcare plans including the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. If you are confused by this, you’re not alone!!

He is doing a brief but informative presentation at 9:00am and 10:30am on Friday . Space is very limited so we need you to RSVP if you will attend.

·  Deadline is March 31st 2014 to purchase a qualified health plan with 10 essential health benefits as defined by Obamacare.

·  It is against the law to purchase a qualified health plan after March 31st, 2014 without a special enrollment period, or a SEP.

·  After March 31st, individuals and families will be subject to an IRS penalty for not having a qualified health plan. Penalties increase in 2015 and 2016.

·  Millions of families already qualify for tax credits providing either free or greatly reduced costs for health insurance.

·  Obamacare allows the choice of plans with private health insurance companies.

·  Some independent health insurance agents – are certified and licensed to offer guidance and all health plans (with NO additional cost) through 

·  Private health plans can also be purchased off the federal health exchange.  Some private health plans comply with the law and forbid the IRS from levying any fines.

Chad can be reached at; 262-335-1990 for a private consultation.

Expect approximately one hour for the presentation and question and answer session.

The session will be held at Bakers Square at; 10200 W National Ave West Allis, WI 53227  (414) 546-1220

Email Karin at to RSVP for either the  9am session or the 10:30am session.

Want a lil extra business networking? Show up between 8and 8:30 for a meet and greet before the Obamacare presentation.

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