Happy Downsizing

I’m always helping clients clear out their unwanted items and now it’s my turn.

I’m so happy and grateful for Dave putting up with all my stuff sitting around as I sort thru and decide what to donate, recycle and pack in the basement. I have been creating bags for numerous people I know and slowly relocating resources as appropriate.

sky high storage locker oct sorting bags KC

I have had a very interesting experience sorting thru all the stuff that I apparently packed a little quicker than I remember when I was getting divorced.

I am enjoying the process of going thru old memories and reminiscing for a moment, then putting things in their proper place. It is truly helping me get my life in order and feels great!

I recently helped on a clean out for a hoarder and was reminded that sometimes you have to throw some things in the trash. It was the strangest thing. The inner house was a complete disaster and the outside lawn was impeccable. So, from the outside everything was fine and dandy, but inside was beyond unsanitary for human occupancy. We all wore masks and they were filthy afterwards. I was Actually raking trash in a hallway and living area. Strange!

raking hallway KC hoarder hallway josh in kitchen

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