Nothing is Wasted

Was 2014 a Total Waste?

Ground to Ground

RoadWhile considering next year’s resolutions doesn’t command the same observance as it did in my youth, I don’t like the smug rejection of the practice. “I don’t make resolutions!” You might say. “It’s just another day.”

A new year calls for reflection.

So reflect.

But last year was a total waste.

Total? Surely not!

Three-quarters of the triumphs were swallowed up by the onset of an enormous whale. Perceived first as an imposing aberration rising on the plains to the south, the creature swelled exponentially until two blackish stones bobbed to the surface and took watch from just above the sod. Advancing toward civilization with time collapsing between each swing of the hammer, the monster inhaled cattle, lakes, cornfields and entire townships as it dispassionately cleaved the land with its loosely cracked maw. The behemoth would not be wooed. As swiftly as it had been given, my improbable good fortune…

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