Who Will You BE in 2020?

I’m attending a very interesting event tonight and hope you can join us (In the Milwaukee area). It is based on the principle of “acting as if” to bring your future vision into reality. You show up acting and dressed as your reality in the year 2020. Maybe you just got off your private jet or off the beach. Maybe you just graduated from medical school so you wear scrubs or a lab coat? Maybe you are wearing the finest suit and bragging about your magazine accolades.

My friend Lucas came up with the idea and we massaged it around to find the perfect title for the event…

coMe live your 2020 viSion – Fundraiser for MS

It had to BE present tense, talk about future vision, and include something about the focus on MS. Multiple Sclerosis is a terrible disease by which I bet we have all been affected.  His foundation, Melody of Life, helps people afflicted to afford holistic treatments not covered by health insurance.

Info and RSVP; https://www.facebook.com/events/667068340073929/



If you’re really feeling creative and want to manifesting some great things in your life, join David Kocol and I on Monday night to create your Vision Board; http://www.meetup.com/Entrepreneur-Explosion/events/219497557/

We have glue sticks, scissors, magazines and other fun stuff…. and we’re prepared to use them. 🙂

Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach



Blog:  www.KarinConway.com

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