Repost; Research Proves Causation—Sugar Consumption Increases Risk for Chronic Disease

Below is a small excerpt from a great article on the use of sugar in the American diet.  Please visit Mercola to read more;

Insulin Resistance—A Hallmark of Metabolic Syndrome

According to Dr. Lustig, whatever organ becomes insulin resistant ends up manifesting its own chronic metabolic disease. For example, when you have insulin resistance of the liver, you end up with type 2 diabetes.

When you have insulin resistance of the brain, you end up with Alzheimer’s disease. Insulin resistance of the kidney leads to chronic renal disease, and so forth. All of these diseases are insulin resistant states. The question is what causes the insulin resistance in the first place?

“[W]e have some new data that we are very excited about, which demonstrate that if you overload the mitochondria, the little energy-burning factories within cells, in any given organ, you’ll end up manifesting various forms of chronic metabolic disease,” Dr. Lustig says.

“The chemical that overloads the mitochondria best is trans-fats. But the chemical that overloads the mitochondria next best is sugar. Trans fats and sugar pretty much characterize the processed food diet.”


Please visit Mercola to read more;

I love their articles on health and find valuable information all the time. I encourage you to share them with someone you care about. Maybe your “sharing of information” will plant the seed for a life-saving change in their food and lifestyle choices.

I’m adding a picture to this post with Tony’s version of a low-cost indoor microgreen growing system. I have other ones as well that look a little nicer, but adore his creative use of resources! If you know me, you know what a big fan I am of growing whatever green stuff you can in whatever space you have.

Make it a great day!


Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach


Planting Seeds of Change

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