Trees Help Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful

It is with great excitement that I let you know about a wonderful sustainability project I’m working on right now!


Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful and Kohls Cares would like to award your local organization with native shade trees to beautify and oxygenate Milwaukee. With a reservation placed ahead, you may pick up your trees on Saturday June 13th at the nursery in Menomonee Falls.  Please indicate the quantity and species preferred. We will try our best to accommodate all orders. These trees are being provided at no cost to your organization (thanks to Kohls Cares) if you promise to plant them right away and use them to beautify the community.

Please indicate name, phone, email, organization and trees desired on the form.


KGMB website –> (scroll down near bottom on home page)

Go Directly to the Order Form –>


Ideally we would like these trees to be placed at childcare centers, schools, elder-care facilities, churches, community centers, non-profit organizations, parks, neighborhood groups, or wherever the community can benefit from their beauty.


Download a pdf description of available trees –> KGMB tree descriptions alpha

Hackberry tree

Hackberry tree

Here’s the list of potentially available trees;

Basswood (tall with yellow flowers)

Bur Oak (acorns to keep wildlife happy)

Hackberry (birds like to eat the fruits)

Hoptree (sweet orange blossoms)

Ironwood (small pyramidal oak)

Musclewood (fabulous fall colors)

Nannyberry  (Yummy, has edible fruit!!)

Sugar Maple (tap into them for maple syrup)


Please forward to anyone who you feel would be interested. This is a very short window of opportunity so please either order some for your organization right away or forward it on to someone else who could benefit.

Trees will have a cool “Root Pouch” that you can transport them in and also leave around the roots when you plant it. It will help insulate the tree and will break down naturally.

Questions? email Karin;

Make it a great day!


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