Keep Milwaukee Beautiful With Trees

Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful and Kohl’s Cares would like to award your organization with native shade trees to beautify and oxygenate Milwaukee. With a reservation placed ahead, you may pick up your trees within a day at the nursery in Menomonee Falls.  Please indicate the quantity and species preferred. We will try our best to accommodate all orders. These trees are being provided at no cost to your organization (thanks to Kohl’s Cares) if you promise to plant them right away and use them to beautify the community.

Please indicate name, phone, email, organization and trees desired on the form;

You can also find the form on the KGMB website. It’s on the home page. (scroll down)

We have 4 varieties remaining. For a description of the trees, visit;

As of 6/19/15 we have the following;

Nannyberry 209
Hoptree 64
Ironwood 197
Musclewood 14


These trees are perfect for organizations looking to create a small forest or just a few nice shade trees to enjoy for years to come.

Please complete the form ASAP and we will confirm the pickup address and get you in touch with the nursery to arrange pickup ASAP.


Please forward on to other people who might have an organization interested.

If you have any issues with completing the form online, reach out to Karin at




We still have 4 varieties remaining for pickup ASAP in Menomonee Falls.

If you or another worthy organization has space and ability to care for some beautiful trees, please complete the form ASAP and we’ll let you know if we have enough left in stock and where to pick them up.

As of right now, we have the following trees remaining;

Ptelea trifoliata, Hoptree-Waferash,     Zone 3        H: 15’           S: 15’       WI Native

Excellent, lustrous dark green foliage. Inconspicuous, sweet smelling, orange blossom-like flowers. Tan wafer-like seed clusters cover the tree in early fall. Tolerates poor soils.

84 Hoptree available 6/11/15


Ostrya virginiana,  Ironwood,  Zone 3         H: 25’         S: 15’            WI Native

Small, pyramidal tree native to the dry understory in our local oak woods. Has shown promise as a street tree, however, intolerant of salt

200 Ironwood available 6/11/15


Carpinus caroliniana,  Musclewood,  Zone 3            H: 25-30’     S: 25-30’          WI Native

Fantastic, small-scale tree with a dense canopy. Fall color on our Wisconsin strain is bright yellow, orange and/or red. Its leaf and bark characteristics resemble a small beech tree only with fall color. NOT hard to transplant.

30 musclewood available 6/11/15


Viburnum lentago,   Nannyberry Viburnum,     Zone 2,          H: 12-15’     S: 8-10’          WI Native  

Seed collected from a native Wisconsin source. A suckering shrub/small tree. Pale-white, flat-topped flowers. Fruit clusters develop in summer. They start out lime green, changing to creamy yellow then rose-pink, ripening to bluish-black. Good fall colors – reds, oranges and maroons.

229 Nannyberry available 6/11/15


These trees are being provided at no charge thanks to Kohls Cares and Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful. (

Please complete the form on the KGMB website home page (scroll down to bottom)


Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach


Planting Seeds of Change

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