I AM an Eater Educator

Everybody wants to know, “What do you do?”  This can be a hard question to answer sometimes. My past professional experience has been in the areas of business management and marketing. I have been moving towards having all I do be related to food and health. Health is so vital. If you don’t have good health, you have nothing.

I recently had a wonderful experience at the WLFN (Wisconsin Local Food Network) 2017 WI Local Food Summit. One local farmer used the term “Eater Education” and it really resonated with me.  This encompasses all I am passionate about. I love helping people learn how to choose, grow, and prepare foods that are full of life and give them energy.

Unfortunately many people are walking zombies because of what they consume. We are a society of convenience and ill-health. Once you process, freeze, and nuke something that resembled food in the past… It no longer has any life or nutrients left to feed your body.  People wonder how I have so much energy. It’s a simple plan of eating real food that has not been over-processed, microwaved or overcooked. I choose foods that do not produce an inflammatory response in my body, so I don’t feel puffy and lousy. (no cow juice or grains).

It is possible to feel good every day. I’m living proof. I am setting up some new systems to be able to share this information more efficiently.  Look for many exciting new developments coming soon from the “Organic Growth Coach”

🙂 KC

Eater Educator, Growth Coach, Hope-full Human

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