Fresh Fruit Smoothie in Vitamix – Karin Conway – Organic Growth Coach

I just published a new video and wanted to share. This is one of my favorite pink fruit smoothie recipes. I hope you enjoy the energy you receive from this treat.

šŸ™‚ KC

View the YouTube video here;

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Cheers to better health!!

Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach


Hi, it’s Karin, Your Organic Growth Coach.Ā  I am making one of my favorite recipes for you today;Ā  Fresh & Fruity Smoothie.

1 orange (outer orange skin peeled)

1 inch slice of pineapple (take off outer skin)

1 small sliver of lime

A big handful of strawberries

1/3 banana

1/2 organic gala apple

(optional squeeze of honey or agave)

A small scoop of ice

Use a Vitamix to blend (otherwise you need to use a bunch of liquid and it will still be lumpy)

Enjoy better health everyday with a fresh and fruity smoothie.

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