Holistic Business Legal Assistance With Ochilo Law

Check out Ochilo Law Offices for your legal needs. As a boutique law firm specializing in business, real estate and estate planning, it is ideal for entrepreneurs/business owners and anyone who is thinking of starting a business.  The services are custom-tailored to empower Small businesses and Non-Profit Corporations.


Yvonne is a close friend and hosts many Milwaukee area networking events to help entrepreneurs network and build their business. She is always looking for ways to help others. If you know someone who could use her legal services, please spread the word. She does not use expensive marketing techniques like television advertising. Word of mouth is much more powerful and appreciated.  😊 KC


Listen to Yvonne on a recent radio show; http://bizconnection.libsyn.com/yvonne-ochilo-of-ochilo-law-offices


You can reach out to Yvonne in the following ways;


Yvonne Ochilo, Esq.


Ochilo Law Offices

135 W. Wells St, Suite 340

Milwaukee, WI 53203

Tel: 262-955-5377

Fax: 414-455-8417

Email: Ochilolaw@gmail.com


Check out Ochilo Law on facebook; https://www.facebook.com/Ochilo-Law-Offices-183483968495230/


Follow Yvonne on Twitter; https://twitter.com/Ochilolaw



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