About Karin

Certified Health Coach (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute 2017)

Sustainability Enthusiast

Healthy Food Mix-Meister (I blend instead of cooking the life out of food)

Intuitive Food Guide

Sharer of Recipes

Certified Life Coach

Holistic Chamber of Commerce VP 

Food Leader (Victory Garden Initiative)

Permaculture Design Certified (natural garden design)

Organic Grower and Gardening Addict

Higher Brain Thinker

Animal Lover

Sphere of Influence Builder

Natural Connector and Networker

Race Director and three-time Marathon finisher

Organizer and Promoter of Events


Karin Conway


3 Responses to “About Karin”
  1. Hot Karaoke Singer

  2. Thanks Karin for taking the time to read and then deciding to follow my blog…I hope you enjoy the trip.

    Be encouraged!

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