Quote Action of the Day – Walk Your Talk

I hope this quote inspires you today. I think its a good reminder to practice what you preach and live a life of integrity. We can do a lot of “stuff” and never accomplish anything if we are careless in our actions. Make it a great day! Connections Coach Karin   Here’s your “QuoteAction” of … Continue reading

Remembering Tom Conway

I really wish I didn’t have this material to post. As was the case one year ago, my Husband Joe had the task of giving a eulogy for a direct family member. Last July was Mom, now his Brother Tom Conway.  He gave me a copy of his notes that he used during the service … Continue reading

When was the last time the Police came knocking on your door after 10pm?

When was the last time the police came knocking on your door after 10pm? I can’t remember the last time, but I have no reason to expect bad news so I thought nothing of it last night. Joe had recently made a discovery of a cat inside a foreclosed house on our block and had … Continue reading

Take Control of Your Horse

You either ride life or it rides you. Your mental attitude determines who is “rider” and who is “horse.”There is no compromise or negotiation when it comes to who will run your life. Either you take charge and live a productive life of your choosing or you allow yourself to be ruled by circumstances. But … Continue reading