The Zen of Glass

As Laurie asked…What view do you enjoy most through a clear glass window in your home? 🙂 Tuesdays with Laurie Recently Len, Willa, and I headed to Bruneau Dunes State Park to celebrate the arrival of spring. Created by the wind’s artistic touch, the first sand dune we passed brought to mind the precise raking … Continue reading

Who Do You Know Likes Fresh Local Organic Brew?

Organic Decaf Coffee

Who do you know? *Likes to use Local Organic products *Enjoys a great freshly roasted cup o’ joe *Wants to raise money for an organization they care deeply about! I just got a fresh shipment of my favorite Locally Roasted Organic Coffee and have a few extra bags to sell. Proceeds will help fund the … Continue reading

More than a tree

Originally posted on Teacher as Transformer:
More than a tree. When we look at a tree, is it just a tree? Or, is there more to that tree? It is likely the home to birds and other animals. Perhaps, rather than a home, it is a resting place during the day or seasons that pass.…

Fence Rats and Monkey Traps

Letting go feels so good, yet we seem to hold onto so many things that do not serve us. Thanks Laurie for sharing the story. What a cute lil devil! 🙂 KMC Tuesdays with Laurie The other side of the back property line where we live has what we lovingly refer to as a fence … Continue reading

Nothing is Wasted

Originally posted on Ground to Ground:
While considering next year’s resolutions doesn’t command the same observance as it did in my youth, I don’t like the smug rejection of the practice. “I don’t make resolutions!” You might say. “It’s just another day.” A new year calls for reflection. So reflect. But last year was a…

Village Of Tiny Homes Built For The Homeless In Madison, Wisconsin

I love these tiny houses! It is a goal for me to downsize my junk to the point I could fit all I need into a tiny home. So happy to hear people in WI are doing projects like this to help those in need. 🙂 #Gratitude

Coffee grounds for slugs ‘illegal’ – Bullcrap

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Coffee grounds for slugs ‘illegal’ – IOL Lifestyle | In what would be one of the most bizarre stories I have covered on this site (and this coming from someone that advocates urine fertilizer and eats mealworms – not in that order), comes an article which cites a…

Getting Cheeky

I am working thru my storage unit now and enjoying the “freeing” feeling of releasing some items for other uses. It is a great feeling! 🙂 I’m lightening my load and finding all sorts of things to donate and recycle. Tuesdays with Laurie In our neck of the woods the squirrels are hurrying and scurrying … Continue reading

* Lost – in the forest

Originally posted on Find Your Middle Ground:
Forests, tress and finding ourselves are themes that keep calling for my attention. The redwoods in California have a soulful impact ❤ Redwood photo by Kevin Faber Lost – by David Wagoner Stand still. The trees ahead and bushes beside you Are not lost. Wherever you are is…

Love After Love

Originally posted on Teacher as Transformer:
Derek Walcott wrote this wonderful poem about celebrating life. He suggested we greet ourselves offering hospitality as we realize that we let other things take the place of getting to know the person who was us. The poem describes a wonderful (wonder filled) companionship in the second stanza. Companionship…