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4 Responses to “Contact Me”
  1. julz156 says:

    Hey Karin,

    Thank you so much for making the initial contact with Elaine about hosting The Fashion Show at The university Club. I really appreciate your help. As I was reading through the email I noticed your blog address and checked it out. OMG! I love it! It’s so well written and organized. I recently (2 days ago) became a blog writer myself and I must say that you are an inspiration! I’ve got a whole lot of work to do! Really…just look

    Thanks again


  2. Wheemzell says:

    Hi and thank you for stopping by my ~ Seeds=Life ~ web site. Planting seeds come in all shapes and sizes whethers seeds for food or seeds for the heart and soul:) Good luck on your site!

  3. Hi Karin,

    Thank you for deciding to follow my blog…I hope you will continue to receive value from my words…BTW I enjoy all you are doing in the Milwaukee area…unfortunately we reside in southern Indiana, but should destiny bring me up your way I will definitely be stopping by one of your networking events.

    Be encouraged!

    • karinconway says:

      Hi Stephen, thanks for the note. My husband and I have plans to go to the Packer game in Indy. Are you near there? We do have other friends from our running club in IN, so you never know when I might be in your neighborhood as well. If you would like to connect on LinkedIn, I would welcome it. ( I need more positive friendly people in my world.
      Make it a great day!
      🙂 KC

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