Gluten Free is a Good Way to Be

Karin Conway

I wanted to share this article published on the Youngevity site; I think it helps explain a little bit about gluten intolerance or sensitivity…or whatever you want to call it. (Celiac Disease). It all boils down to a genetically modified product like wheat causing all sorts of inflammation and upset to your stomach and body. … Continue reading

Organic Bytes + Action Needed!

We need help in boycotting some brands that are funded by the same bastards promoting GMOs. Please do not give them your money ever. They will use it against us. I am really bummed, because I used to enjoy some of these brands. full post is here –> Below is a small portion of … Continue reading

Boycott GMO Companies Such as Dean Foods – From OCA

Purple Bearded Iris

Important message from the Organic Consumers Association; After learning of their affiliation with Monsanto and the amount of GMO food being fed to cattle, I will never purchase their products again. Thats easy for be since I don’t drink milk anyway. Please read the article below and join in on the boycott of all … Continue reading