Day 15 ~ Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

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Day 15 ~ Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (recorded 10/16/12) Link to Day 15 video —> Hi, it’s Karin, Your Favorite Connections Coach.  I am working on my 30 day Video Gratitude Challenge.  Today is Day 15. I am so happy and grateful for many things in my life. Today I … Continue reading

Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 2

Karin Conway ~ 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 2 Click below to watch video for Day 2 –> Today I am thankful for all the amazing people who come into my life, especially my husband Joe. We got married in March 2004 in Jamaica. We went to Tony Robbins Unleash the Power … Continue reading

Remembering Tom Conway

I really wish I didn’t have this material to post. As was the case one year ago, my Husband Joe had the task of giving a eulogy for a direct family member. Last July was Mom, now his Brother Tom Conway.  He gave me a copy of his notes that he used during the service … Continue reading

When was the last time the Police came knocking on your door after 10pm?

When was the last time the police came knocking on your door after 10pm? I can’t remember the last time, but I have no reason to expect bad news so I thought nothing of it last night. Joe had recently made a discovery of a cat inside a foreclosed house on our block and had … Continue reading

Something to Say

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I receive these wonderful inspirational messages daily from Nightingale Conant. This one reminds me of a man I never met, my husband’s Father. Apparently George never said much … unless he had something to say. I never had the pleasure to meet him. He passed away before I met and married Joe. Hhmm… I think … Continue reading

Joe Conway Interviewed by Green Bay Press Gazette

My fabulous hubby (A GB Packers season ticket holder) was recently interviewed by the Green Bay Press Gazette. Check it out. Packers playoff tickets picture fuzzy Team prepares for possible postseason By Tony Walter • • November 30, 2010 Playoff game decisions facing many Green Bay Packers season-ticket holders are a little more … Continue reading

True Colors

I was driving down the road yesterday when one of my favorite high school songs came on the radio….Cyndi Lauper – True Colors.  I just had my 20 year class reunion last month. Do the math and guess which decade of music I resonate most with? OK, so I’m a total 80’s chick…sorry I can’t … Continue reading

Exciting Trip to CO with Joe, Part 2

Exciting Trip to CO with Joe, Part 2; After a long and interesting drive, (see previous post) we arrived in Colorado on Friday July 23rd. I was instantly in love as we approached Colorado Springs and the entire expansive mountain range came into view. The mountains here are amazing, and include Pike’s Peak. Wow!! We … Continue reading

Exciting trip to CO with Joe

Exciting trip to CO with Joe Joe and I left Milwaukee just after noon on July 21st, heading for St Louis.  We were enjoying a long boring drive across the plains of IL. It got a little more exciting when the rains started suddenly and we went into a NASCAR spin on the freeway at … Continue reading

New Introspective on Life (tear jerker warning)

I felt compelled to share a speech my husband Joe just delived yesterday at his Mother, Gene’s funeral. I have returned home from the funeral after being moved in a special way by Gene and her whole family. Joe couldn’t have said it any better!  He will be home in a few days and I … Continue reading