Kimberly Answers; What do you love wearing during the holidays?

My good friend and Image Consultant Kimberly Gomez  (,  @impeccableimage  was just interviewed for an article on 24-7 Style’s website. Below is an excerpt and link to the article. 24-7 Style asked, “What do you love wearing during the holidays?” Kimberly Gomez, Impeccable Image LLC, Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, Milwaukee, WI: “My favorite … Continue reading

Don’t miss the WI Business Owners MeetUp 4/30/10

Special Event – FREE elevator pitch video recording – at WI Business Owners MeetUp. April 30th 2010 WI Business Owners Lunch & Learn – Are you ready for success? Are you or your company as successful in every area of life as you can be? Everyone and every company can move to a higher level … Continue reading