Stress Busters Workshop – 5 Powerful Strategies

Stress Busters Workshop – 5 Powerful Strategies Where: Healing Point Chiropractic  When: Tuesday May 28: 6pm – 6:30pm Stress Busters: Join us for this free informational event for patients and guests. Learn 5 powerful strategies to maximize personal energy and minimize stress. This is a hands-on workshop to learn tools to assist your wellness goals.  … Continue reading

Microwave Ovens Kill Food

I have been trying to convince my husband to throw out the microwave oven for awhile now.  I hope this article helps.  I had read similar studies in the past, but they only mentioned that microwaves altered amino acids and converted proteins, like meat, into a variation of plastic.  Now you know why it tastes … Continue reading

Hematite Energy

How to Use Hematite Energy By Patricia Resnick, eHow Contributor   Hematite How to Use Hematite Energy Hematite, one of the most commonly occurring stones on the planet, has a heavy iron content, and has even been used as a red dye in sacred ritual. Hematite is magnetic, and carries and bestows a lot of … Continue reading