2 Responses to “Testimonials”
  1. Jim Horrell says:

    If someone asked me to describe Karin in three words, they would be caring, energetic, and enthusiastic.

    Caring – Karin will go out of her way to encourage or help anyone she meets. A few months ago I met with Karin for coffee. I was attracted to her positive energy and willingness to give of herself. Sometimes I don’t think Karin realizes how much her kind, caring attitude effects those around her in a positive and inspiring way. Karin is truly a person I am proud to call my friend.

    Energetic – Karin is constantly looking for ways to share her knowledge and experience to enhance and inspire others to do great work. She has a very positive attitude and is in her element when she is sharing her knowledge and experiences to better the lives of others. Being around her causes others to believe that they can achieve their goals.

    Enthusiastic – In just one conversation with Karin, you can tell she loves life, she is inspired by others, and is also a big fan of personal development. Karin often seeks opportunities for growth and is frequently looking to be the best person she can be. Karin enjoys reading, attending networking events, and making a positive contribution in the lives of others.

    Jim Horrell

  2. David Kocol says:

    I have worked with Karin periodically for the last year, and I know of few individuals who can match Karin’s energy and enthusiasm. She bring a vast knowledge in many diverse areas and practical application on how to use the knowledge. Working with Karin is awesome!

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