What I Do

I am the Organic Growth Coach. I plant seeds of change.

I work with parents and Prime-Timers who want to add more years to their life and more life to their years. I facilitate a series of workshops that teach you “Self-Care”. There is no Magic Pill.  I promote eating real food, if you want to live a long healthy life. Classes focus on LEAN principles (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition).

There are many ways to work together. You can attend a workshop, schedule a private consultation or Pantry Makeover, or consider ongoing health coaching with a weekly or monthly check-in to stay on track.

I am also an avid networker, who organizes numerous professional events and group meetings to help people connect with like-minded people. (Health Nuts MeetUp)

Come network with the “Organic Growth Coach ” and make some great connections!

Check out my coaching website for more information and a calendar of events; http://www.organicgrowthcoach.com/

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